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Is Your Old Purse Toast? Upgrade to an Eco Handbag?

Is your old bag looking sad? Why not upgrade it (and your attitude) with an eco handbag? After all, they're not just for granola's and hippies anymore (though both groups do still love their eco handbags).

Plastic and shiny leather are so yesteryear. The modern lady knows that natural fibers are in. (Yes, I know leather is a natural fiber but it's also animal hide. On a side note, if you like animal products, consider sustainable products like wool--sheep or llama.) So don't be caught dead with your outdated bag attracting unwanted attention. Snap up a new eco handbag and be happy about the fashion you're working.

Here's the good news, your new eco friendly handbag may not only be cooler, it may actually be cheaper than that old thing you've been schlepping around. Don't believe me? It's true. Many an eco friendly handbag is manufactured from readily available materials (some even recycled) by artisans in other parts of the world. They craft these bags at local labor rates which are always cheaper than those in western countries. That's how you can get a great deal on a new eco friendly handbag. But you have to be careful about who you buy from.

Why? Because some merchandisers market unethically produced products. They know that the handmade look is hot and not everybody cares enough to buy an ethically manufactured bag. They also know that they can get product dirt cheap if they're willing to skirt the boundaries of legality and morality. That's why you should always find out how and where your new ethically manufactured bag comes from.

Look for companies that are fair trade certified or that promise in writing to pay above-average wages. But that doesn't mean you can't find an ethically manufactured bag at a good price-the wages even fair trade bag buyers pay are far below what we would call average )yet still allow manufacturers to make a much more comfortable living than they would have otherwise.)

A fair trade bag is one you can feel good about buying but you don't necessarily have to see the certification if you feel comfortable with the seller. It may be enough that they have testimonials, video, and other proof that their workers are being treated well. However, when in doubt, always buy an actual fair trade bag.