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Evolution of Nursing Uniforms

An important part of nursing as a job is the nursing uniforms, this is because they point out the role of the nurse in the hospital and allow them to be identified by other people. Not only is the uniform important because it is worn for identification, but it's also dictated by the fact that they increase hygiene. There are now several options to choose from in terms of design of the uniforms, the days of white dresses and aprons should be far behind us. There are now properly designed nursing scrubs that are being used to replace the old uniforms.

The design of the old nursing uniforms was borrowed from the nuns simply because a few centuries ago the duty of taking care of the sick was believed to be that of the nun. We all remember Florence Nightingale, who is believed to be the mother of nursing, well it is said that one of her students designed the original uniforms. The uniform quickly become popular in her school of nursing and within a short time, every student was wearing the nursing uniform. As the days went by, the uniforms kept on changing until we have now landed on scrubs as the best option for medical uniforms.

The reason medical scrubs are preferred is simply because they are comfortable but at the same time fashionable. Not only nurses wear scrubs but also other medical professions such as doctors, lab technicians and even surgeons. The fact that they all wear the same uniform does not mean you will not be able to tell them apart. Another beauty about this uniform is that as much as the general design is the same the can come in several different colors, some may even contain more specific details in terms of design. Gone are the days you could not differentiate between a lab technician and doctor since both would wear lab coats, now they can put on different color scrubs for easy identification.

The best option for uniform scrubs would be the bright colors, in most scenarios the bright colors will help in cheering up the patients in the hospital; and no one can debate that this will go a long way in improving their health. For example, the pediatric department should wear scrubs that have different colors on them or even cartoon drawings on them; apart from cheering up the patients the children will also find it easier to approach them.

The uniforms are easily attainable from any uniform shop or online retailers. They are unisex in most cases and come in different sizes so getting one for every staff member including the non medical ones is not hard. If you are purchasing for a major hospital, then it is best you order early enough. Do not get medical scrubs that are the same exact number as the staff, it would be wise to get a number more so that incase one gets dirty during rounds the person can easily change into another one.